Am I fit enough?

  • Have a check up with your doctor if unsure.
  • Do some training before you go.
  • leg strengthening and cardio vascular endurance exercises are best.

Of course you should make sure you are up to the challenge of Snowdon, if you are in any doubt you should check with your GP. The following are just training suggestions and you should make sure you train to your own limits.

You will need to have a good overall level of fitness to conquer the mighty Snowdon. It is the biggest mountain in England and Wales and is not an easy walk. Walking on steep terrain all day takes its toll so some training before you go up will make the day easier and more enjoyable for you. Here are some training ideas:


This is an obvious training method and is very effective. You should try and do some long 4-5 hour walks before you climb Snowdon. When you do your training walks try not to stroll at an easy pace. Walk as fast as you can maintain over a long distance and use a constant stride rythmn. If you march for 4 miles a day with some rest days you will find that increases your endurance and is surprisingly challenging if you keep the pace up. Try and integrate some hills into the route. If you don’t have any hills on your route then you may have access to a gym where you can use treadmills with an incline function. When you are walking try and keep good posture. You may also find walking with your rucksack with some weight in it useful to get used to the extra weight.

If you are going up Snowdon as part of a group you may find it useful to do training walks together so you get a similar level of fitness and get used to walking in a group.


Jogging is another good way of increasing aerobic fitness.

Leg strengthening exercises

If you are not used to hill walking you may find that strengthening your legs will help. Here are some exercises that will help strengthen your legs you can find videos with proper technique for all these online.


A good overall exercise for building leg strength and endurance.


These are good for strengthening the knees. You may find descending Snowdon difficult if you have weak knees.

Calf raises

Strong calves make walking easier.


Is good for increasing endurance and leg strength.

Use walking poles

If you are overweight or have weak legs but have a good all round level of fitness you may find that your legs and knees will feel the strain when walking up and down Snowdon. Using walking poles takes the strain off your legs and spreads the load to your upper body.

Note about walking poles

If you are going to take walking poles for the walk then make sure your rucksack has straps or pockets to stow them away when not it use. You should watch some online videos to familiarise yourself on how to use walking poles properly and safely.

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