Fully plan your day and fill any gaps in your knowledge using a training provider or a book that written by a proffessional.


Having the correrct safety equipment and knowing how to navigate are very important before you go up Snowdon. Doing some research online you can quickly learn basic map reading and plan your route properly in advance.

Once you have got your fitness up to a good level, bought all your gear, decided and planned which route to take, booked accommodation and decided when you will do your walk up Snowdon there is one last thing to do.


On the day you plan to walk up Snowdon you MUST check the weather forecast for any dangerous weather conditions on the day. Walkers get into trouble every year because they do not take resposibility for their own safety.

You can check the mountain weather forecast here.

Dangerous weather condtions can include – very strong winds, heavy rain, snow, sleet, lightening etc if you find that on the day of your ascent that any of these conditions are going to happen then it is strongly advised that you don’t attempt to walk that day. If you do go up and get into trouble you will have the option of calling for help from mountain rescue but remember that you will put them in danger coming to get you.

Walkers that arent 100% confident of their ability on the day should think twice about going up.

Safety should be the biggest concern, you shouldn’t rely on others to get you out of trouble be prepared and look after yourself.

Picture of the Snowdon summit in bad weather
Bad weather near the summit of Snowdon

Litter/ Rubbish

The geneneral rule for hillwalkers is whatever is you take into the hills should be bought back with you. As well as ruining the natural habitats and causing an eyesore rubbish can also become a hazard. Broken glass, metal cans etc can cause injuries to people and wildlife so do the right thing and take all of your rubbish with you.