Which route is the best?


There are 6 well known main routes to climb Snowdon.

The miners track

Pyg Track, Crib Goch

Llanberis path

Rhdd Ddu path

Snowdon Ranger path

Watkin path

Whichever route you choose you should make sure you have thoroughly researched the route and the whole trip. Make sure you have a map of the route which you are familiar with and know how to use a map with a compass.


The miners track, Pyg track and Crib Goch

The miners track, Pyg track and Crib Goch all start from the Pen-Y-Pass car park postcode: LL55 4NY

The miners track is a popular starting point for people climbing Snowdon for the first time.

Pyg is also an option from here and you will find it a fairly straight forward route. From Pyg is also the Crib Goch route which is highly dangerous even to experienced climbers and is not recommended for the beginner or first time climber. Crib Goch claims lives every year and should be avoided by everyone apart from the very competent and experienced.

Miners track (car park to summit and back)

Distance: 8 miles
Total Climb: 725m
Time: Approx 6-7 hours

Pyg track (car park to summit and back)

Distance: 7 miles
Total Climb: 725m
Time: Approx 6-7 hours

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The Llanberis path

The Llanberis path is probably the most popular route for people going up Snowdon for the first time. It is also one of the longest routes but is straight forward and possible for most people with a good level of fitness. The path is good and there are usually plenty of people on the route depending on what time you go up. The route follows a similar path to the mountain railway that runs to the summit of Snowdon when the weather is good. If you use the Llanberis path when you are climbing Snowdon you have the option to take the train back down if it is running. This could be an option if you don’t feel you can make it back down.

The train is not an option if you are climbing Snowdon from one of the other routes as it only goes from Llanberis. You can however catch a bus if they are running to get back to Llanberis. It should be noted that the Llanberis mountain railway does not operate all year round so you should check the availability before making any plans. The train will also not run in very bad weather

The Llanberis path is accessed from the village of Llanberis and is the same place that the Snowdon Mountain train departs and returns to. There are numerous car parks in Llanberis around the train station. A good post code to use to get you into the right area is LL55 4TD. When you get to the centre of the village you will see signs for car parks.

Llanberis path (car park to summit and back)

Distance: 9 miles
Total Climb: 975m
Time: Approx 6-8 hours

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Rhyd Ddu path

Rhyd Ddu path is sometimes called the Beddgelert path and is a quieter and many people say easier route than some of the other routes used when climbing Snowdon The car park postcode is LL54 6TN and is just off the A4085.

Rhyd Ddu (car park to summit and back)

Distance: 7.5 miles
Total Climb: 890m
Time: Approx 5-7 hours

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The Snowdon Ranger path

The Snowdon Ranger path is another relatively straightforward and quiet path that is also accessed from the A4085 road close to the start of the Rhyd Ddu path. The car park for the Snowdon ranger track is situated on the opposite side of the road from the YHA Snowdon Ranger. The postcode for the YHA Snowdon Ranger is LL54 7YS but this post code does not get you to the YHA or the car park you need if you want to walk the Snowdon Ranger path.

The best way to get to the car park and start point is to head to the Rhyd Ddu car park at postcode LL54 6TN travelling away from Beddgelert on the A4085. Go past the Rhyd Ddu car park and carry on the A4085 heading towards Llyn Cwellyn (A Llyn is a lake in Welsh) that will appear on your left. A little further on the YHA Snowdon ranger will appear on your right and very shortly after the car park will appear on your left.

Snowdon Ranger (car park to summit and back)

Distance: 8 miles
Total Climb: 940m
Time: Approx 6-7 hours

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The Watkin path

The Watkin path is one of the tougher paths for climbing Snowdon. The path starts lower than some of the others so the overall climb is higher and there is some scrambling towards the top of the path that some may find too challenging (see picture to the left). The Watkin path is accessible from the car park at LL55 4NR. The start of the route is across the road from the car park through a gate.

Watkin path (car park to summit and back)

Distance: 8 miles
Ascent: 1,015 metres
Duration: Average 5-7 hours

(All times, distances and measurements are approximate).

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